Exhibition of Milan Tucović’s paintings has been opened

17. January 2017.


At the Gallery of the Andrić Institute “Lubarda” in Andrićgrad on the 13th of January was opened an exhibition of an academic painter and sculptor, Milan Tucović.

The exhibition consists of twenty works in oils on canvas that was created in the past two years. This collection to the Gallery of the Andrić Institute ceded a collector and famous Serbian tennis player, Jelena Janković.

The inspiration for the creation of these images was the song of Vojislav Karanović “Play”. “The essence of the song is somewhere in the child’s sense, the need of an adult for child’s sense, to play again as a child, to forget because it is hard to be I all the time. In every picture I was trying to be someone else, to be the person in the picture, to be an angel wings holding onto a rack to be designed old painter, to be an actor in an abandoned theater, to be a puppet to play in that game because somehow I doubt that identity forever defined by that we carry because we are in different situations somebody else,” said Tucović while opening the exhibition. The author has expressed hope that the exhibition will provoke beautiful feelings in visitors and that it will inspire them to reconsider.


Gorica Ćećez from the Andrić Institute said that the general public Andrićgrad associates with tourism, however, the primary objective and the basis of Andrićgrad project is culture.

“The Andrić Institute in recent years through the programme of the gallery and with organizing numerous exhibitions of important contemporary art representatives raised the culture of our community to a level that it certainly belongs. Numerous exhibitions, book fair, two large wine fairs, themed exhibitions and a rich cultural program we offer young people because of the emphasis on them to see which are the true values, and in connection with our culture, tradition and art,” added Ćećez.

Exhibition of paintings by Milan Tucovića will be opened until the 13th of February 2017.

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