An exhibition of Petar Lubarda’s paintings has been opened

29. June 2015.


Director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, has said that the gallery opened a year ago.

“The idea is that among the great persons, who have arrived in the youngest European town, we invoke the greatest one among all the painters, for me Lubarda represents our par excellence painter,” explains Kusturica.

He points out that the gallery now has the most important premiere of paintings, and that is an exhibition of Lubarda’s paintings.

“I am happy because we get the best paintings for the gallery, the paintings that we could wish to have and the ones that everyone can enjoy in what represents the finest of our art,” says Kusturica.

Academician, Matija Bećković, says that Petar Lubarda in the field of art is what is Njegoš in the field of poetry.

According to him, Lubarda is the most important name of Serbian painting and it there was lucky he would be a world famous.

“What happened at the end of his life – was the demolition of the chapel of Lovćen, and then he painted his famous painting ‘twilight at Lovćen’,” says Bećković.

He explained that Peter means rock, and Lubarda means canon, and that he was the stone canon.

Đina Lazar, Peter Lubarda’s niece, said at the opening of the exhibition, that one of the projects of the Foundation “Petar Lubarda” is to work with high school students, which has become tradition, and that each year includes new schools and that Lubarda is bringing closer to new generations.

“Andrićgrad is the most beautiful proof of aspiration, this oasis of culture, which was made in honor and respect of our greatest persons, and the values that they have given us should remain forever present in our society and that their messages are being carried on,” said Đina.

She pointed out that everyone should carry on a memory of a man who, with his enormous energy, presented history on his paintings, battles and fighting, animals and people, in order that we could create a better future.

The opening of the exhibition attended representatives of the Foundation “Petar Lubarda” from Herceg Novi and representatives the house of “Legacy” from Belgrade.

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