Opened exhibition “The letter of the Renaissance”

1. November 2016.


At the gallery “Lubarda” of the Andrić Institute last night was opened an exhibition of 21 exhibits showing the ancient geometry in medieval Serbian creativity, whose author is Predrag Milosavljević.

Professor at the University of Belgrade, Aleksandar Petrović, said that this is an interesting exhibition that tells about the ancient knowledge of the Serbian medieval culture.
“On the exposed examples of Serbian medieval culture, had a direct connection with the ancient culture and old world, that we are not aware of. It was not learned that from Byzantium, because we know that Byzantium did not mastered geometry at that time,” said Petrovic.

Author of the exhibition Predrag Milosavljević said that this exhibition speaks about the role of ancient geometry in medieval Serbia.

“Geometric patterns through which we fit certain styles that were placed around us, show that in most cases our artists in literature and in architecture applied approaches that in ancient times were extremely important as a philosophical basis,” said Milosavljević.

Exhibition “The letter of the Renaissance” will be open for a month.

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