8. June 2017.


An exhibition of the young Belgrade artist Tijana Kojić, entitled “Skepsis”, was opened at the Gallery “Lubarda” at the Andrić Institute on 27th of May at 7 pm.

The exhibition “Skepsis” is a natural continuation or a new layer of the previous cycle called “Stratum”, shown to the Belgrade audience at the Gallery Grafički Kolektiv at the beginning of 2016.

“The characteristic of this setting is in the dominance of the horizontal. “Skepsis” is a need for observation and consideration which, although it is not necessary, often is been seen as suspicion,” said Kojic, adding that this was her first exhibition in Republic of Srpska. “This suspicion is the starting point within which the world is moving in this ambient environment. It is inspired by the state of suspicion that offers the fulfillment of the ambiance of our lives and in retrospection with a sense of unrest.”

The curator of the Andrić Institute’s Gallery, Gorica Ćećez, said that the Gallery is trying to make the annual exhibition program various, to include as many different art media as possible, but to remain on the path of the goal which was set up after its establishment in 2014.

“This exhibition at Gallery of the Andrić Institute is technically the most demanding, but also the most interesting setting so far. Visitors and art lovers, tonight, and in the following days, will have a chance to see the unique exhibition complex of the ambient character that is made on aluminum substrates in the media of drawings, paintings and graphics,,” said Ćećez at the opening.


The author Tijana Kojić graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2011. During the previous art work, she has made fifteen solo and more than one hundred and twenty group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She is the winner of a number of awards and recognitions in the field of painting, drawing and graphics, among which are the first prize in the competition of the Niš Art Foundation and the first prize for drawing from the fund of Vladimir Veličković.

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