Conference of youth work has been opened

30. March 2015.


At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad today has been opened the Third Conference of Youth Work in Republic of Srpska, with 40 participants from Republic of Srpska, Serbia and Montenegro.

Minister of Family, Youth and Sports of Republic of Srpska, Jasmina Davidović says that the conference is organized by the corresponding ministry in the cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development and Community “Perpetuum Mobile” and the network of youth centers for the development and training of Republic of Srpska.

“The aim of the conference of youth work of Republic of Srpska is the improvement of the youth sector, and this will be achieved by exchanging experiences and further planning of youth activists in the region,” says Davidović.

She points out that the conference is significant and will expand its activities in the framework of cross-border cooperation, and it is one of the important points in the action plan of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports.

“This conference is an important determinant within the action plan in accordance with the Agreement on special parallel relations between Serbia and Republic of Srpska,” says Davidović.

Peripetum-mobile 2

She also says that the corresponding ministry within its budget since 2008 has a grant covering part of the cost of non-governmental organizations and the work of youth centers, as well as that the budget for the functioning of youth organizations amounts 240.000 KM.

“One of the activities at this conference is that the youth organizations must activate themselves in the search for donors,” concludes Davidović.
Coordinator of the Third Conference, Danka Božić, says that the aim of the conference is to strengthen the youth sector in Republic of Srpska, adding that every year are given a good recommendation for further youth work, and it she expects that it will be also done and this year.

Coordinator of the project at the Institute “Perpetuum mobile”, Bojana Trninić points out that it is important to work on the youth organizing and promoting youth work, because all indications are that youth work is required.

Noting at an increase in violence among youth, and that the labor market is not open enough, she points out that the aim of this conference is to highlight how young people only need a chance and support.

The third conference of youth work will last until April 1st.


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