A retrospective exhibition by Ratko Lalić has been opened

13. September 2016.


At the gallery “Lubarda” of the Andrić Institute has been opened a retrospective exhibition of paintings by academic painter Ratko Lalić titled “Seasons – tracks on the surface of the earth.”

The exhibition was opened by Professor of Dramatic Arts at the University of Paris, Dragan Milinković, who said that this is a unique exhibition in the magnificent complex that will mark the next decade, not only the culture and cultural life of Višegrad region, but even wider.

“Tonight has happened a symbiosis of different energies. At this point Emir Kusturica in Venice is celebrated, and in his complex Lalić is opening the exhibition. Lalić’s paintings are a type of communicators that are seeking cooperation, you can not pass by them peacefully, because you pass by the mother nature that showers you with various riches,” said Milinković.

He pointed out that visitors at this exhibition shared the energy and optimism that springs from Lalić’s paintings, even where nature makes its immense cycles.


“Lalic is person who is a researcher, he explores the depths of his talent, but also to the nature of love, which is the best assistant in everything,” said Milinković.

Author of the exhibition, Ratko Lalić, said that he presented a part of his work, made in the technique of oil and acrylic that were created in the period from 1995 to 2016.

He added that the reviews on his paintings gave painters from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, and each in its own professional way explained the experience of the paintings.

Ratko Lalić was born in 1944 in Dolipolje, municipality of Visoko. Academy of Fine Arts and postgraduate studied in Belgrade in 1975 in the Stojan Ćelić’s class. Since 1994 he has been a professor of drawing and painting at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

He has exhibited in 50 solo and 500 group exhibitions at home and abroad. He has won several important awards for creativity. He lives and works in Belgrade.

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