Student conference on “The First World War and Literature” has begun

21. March 2015.

Studentska konferencija

At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad today has begun a student conference dedicated to the First World War and literature, which has involved about 65 students from Banja Luka, Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac, Pale, Kosovska Mitrovica and Novi Sad.

Two-day conference opened a Professor from the University of Belgrade, Ljiljana Marković, who spoke on behalf of the Head of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute, Aleksandra Vraneš, she said that she was proud of the work of young colleagues.

“Today we carry on a continuous effort, that has started last year during the Summer School of the Academy of “Ivo Andrić”, when the idea was born that students continue to create, but also to help our colleagues who work on scientific papers, to develop into a real young scientists, on which would Andrić would be extremely proud,” said Marković.

She stressed that the Andrić Institute has recognized the importance of this project, and that this conference represents the results of the student work.

Studentska konferencija

“Today, we have 65 students from all Serbian universities where they study the philosophical and philological sciences, and it is itself a feast of the Serbian science,” said Marković.

She added that she was also proud at the work of young colleagues who, with all the burden of the Bologna studies, have they found in themselvesthe strength and inspiration for the scientific work, to write and to present the results of their work.

“I am sure that together we can improve our methods of scientific research and improve the great results of scientific – research work,” concluded Marković.

Within the student conference today will be promoted book “Serbia”, who prepared the authors: Sanja Ćosić, Novo Tomić and Ratomir Damjanović.


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