Serbian-Russian agreement has been signed

4. April 2015.

Emir Kusturica i Nadezda Kuscenkova

In Andrićgrad today has been signed an agreement on humanitarian work between the Andrić’s Institute, the Russian House in Belgrade and Serbian-Russian Centre for Humanitarian Rights from Niš.

Director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, says that it is extremely important that in the midst of the development of this town and cultural activities, this institute cooperates with everyone, and also with brothers from Russia, especially because this cooperation will certainly be to our mutual benefit.

“In Andrićgrad we will have the opportunity to welcome all that is best in Russia and we’ll have a shortcut through which will arrive everyone who we need here,” says Kusturica.

He points out that the cooperation between Republic of Srpska and Russia will begin with the celebrations of marking the victory over fascism in Moscow. According to him, in Andrićgrad will be placed A huge screen on which will be displayed a military parade and marking the 70th anniversary since the victory over fascism.

“In the near future there will be more projects that will confirm the idea, not only that we are brothers, but that there is also a need to exchange projects in the field of culture, and that they will be unstoppable in the future,” says Kusturica.

Emir Kusturica i Nadezda Kuscenkova 2

Director of the Russian House in Belgrade, Nadezhda Kuschenkova says that today has been formalized the cooperation with the Andrić Institute and its director, Emir Kusturica.

“We have ambitious plans concerning culture, art and all creative fields. The cooperation will be also realized in Belgrade and in Andrićgrad ” says Kuschenkova.

She says that it is planned soon to be launched cooperation in the field of education within universities and institutes.

“Together we plan to mark the 70 anniversary since victory over fascism and other impressive actions. The Russian Federation will allocate funds for scholarships that will enable the citizens of Republic of Srpska and Serbian to be educated in Russia,” says Kuschenkova.

Co-director of the Serbian-Russian Centre for Humanitarian Rights in Niš, Viktor Safjanov, says that the efforts in achieving common goals are united.

“In the following period we will preforms contract clauses that are specified in the contract. We will work to unite the creative efforts of Serbian and Russian people,” says Safjanov.


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