5. July 2017.


A program of presenting Italian culture and literature has been held today at the Andrić Institute. Italian writer Adela Macola talked about the significance of biographical and autobiographical literature, and literary opus Elena Ferrante presented Mirjana Ognjanović, an interpreter of her novels.

Mirjana Ognjanović spoke about Italian writer Elena Ferrante. Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym of one of the best-selling contemporary Italian authors. “A hidden literary person who has been rumored in recent years by the minds of millions of readers in the world, is reportedly coming from Naples. She calls herself Elena Ferrante. This is the author of the novel “My Brilliant friend”, as well as some other books written before and after this book, sold in unimaginably high circulation throughout the world. And I myself, as an interpreter of the aforementioned novel, in a few moments has been tempted to ask who that person actually is. More precisely, who are, at least as far as this novel is concerned, these two people, because I felt like recognizing two different manuscripts, two poetics, two ways of looking at the literary process,” said Mirjana Ognjanović.

An excerpt from the novel “My Brilliant friend” by Elena Ferrante read Ana Drobnjak.

In the second part of the conversation, Adela Macola, the Italian novelist and writer of biography of Milena Pavlović Barili, spoke about the necessity and importance of writing biographies and autobiography. She identified the biography with the primal need, such as every writing, every painting, every music, and, finally, every art. Writing autobiography, or writing about one’s own life, Adela Macola sees as healing, observing this process as a perception of happiness that is of immense importance to every individual.

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