Matija Bećković’s “Collected Work’s” has been presented

16. September 2014.

Sabrana djela Matije Beckovica

In a building of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts ( Serbian: Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, SANU ) in Belgrade today has been presented twelve-volume “Collected Works” of an author and academician, Matija Bećković, which are issued by The Andrić Institute from Visegrad, “Štampar Makarije” from Belgrade and “Oktoih” from Podgorica.

Corresponding member of the SANU, Miro Vuksanović, says that Bećković is a unique phenomenon because he is at the same time an actor and director of his articles, “as befits a champion of Serbian language and Serbian verse such as Matija Bećković”.

“In the 12 volumes of the collected works of Matija Bećković we have in one place for the first time the something that has reached its peak in the contemporary Serbian literature, when it comes to poetry and the powers and tempting of Serbian words,” says Vuksanović at the promotion.

Matija Bećković says that a publication of the collected works appear only once, at the end of a writer’s life, and that at the present time these publication are appearing “every now and then” thanks to the lovers of poetry, “who have not betrayed it”.

“Poetry is betrayed by publishers and critics, but not by readers, lovers of poetry who trace poetry books and poets and they do not listen to others who are trying to convince them that time of poetry and poets have passed. Among our people lives consciousness that the book is the most important and that language is all we have and that the poetry does not lie” Bećković explained to reporters at the promotion.

Bishop of Montenegro and Littoral, Amfilohije, who has attended the promotion, explains to reporters that Matija Bećković is one of the outstanding poets of the Serbian people, who has truly profound experience of the secrets of human life, based on the personality of Christ the God-man.

“I think we do not have a third person, who would be at the same level as Njegoš and Matija Bećković,” concludes the Bishop.

Presentation of Bećković’s “Collected Works” among others attended a member of the Senate of the Republic of Srpska, academician Aleksa Buha, former president of the Democratic Party of Serbia, Vojislav Koštunica, members of SANU and a numerous audience.

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