Trilogy “The Nemanjićs”

3. July 2017.


Today, during the Book Fair in Andrićgrad, and in the Andrić Institute, the trilogy “The Nemanjićs” by Vladimir Kecmanović and Dejan Stojiljković, which consists of books “On behalf of Father”, “Two Eagles” and “In the Name of Son”, has been presented. Dragan Paunović, painter, comic book – author and illustrator was in charge of painting the books.
About the books talked literary critic Želidrag Nikčević and Vladimir Kecmanović.

– It is a great privilege to present these books. This trilogy is something that could really gladden us. At the first encounter with his manuscripts, which was before “Siberia,” I saw that it was a huge gift. This trilogy is conceived as a kind of popular reading, but it turned out to be a high level of reach. These books associate us with our ancestors and the basic idea is that we are all children of Nemanjić. We have a living, family relationship, with the dynasty that created us. It is a return to tradition and the revival of our spirit. Going back to that era is the return to safe and return to our religion and poetry, and the books are really poetic. Kecmanović and Stojiljković are able to display the scenes and mark them out with minimal rhetorical material. The language is very powerful and poetic, but very precise and contemporary. It can be said life-long. All this is enough for us to declare these books as the bestseller, and it is important, at this moment, that they will testify about us – said Želidrag Nikčević at the promotion.

– This should be the first in a series of trilogy about the Nemanjićs that we plan to write. When the idea of making a film and a series about the Nemanjićs, which we would write, failed, we decided on this venture. This idea of a series of written trilogy would include the entire period of the reign of Nemanjić dinasty. From the film idea, it remained that the books be illustrated, which is very good and very important. The Serbs know very little about the Nemanjićs, although there has been a lot of discussion about this. We felt the need to bring this topic closer to a wider audience, and illustrations contribute to better acceptance of books. The main criticism was that books were unusual. They are simply, let’s say, economical. They are not really extensive, but they are quite enough to get to know the Nemanjićs, in fact, in this case, with Stefan Nemanja. In addition to all this, I hope that, by combining facts and controlled imagination, we have achieved the maximum by emphasizing Nemanja’s life with one roundness and meaning – said the writer Vladimir Kecmanović.

The writer, before the end of the promotion, spoke to the audience and answered their questions.

The celebrated poet, Ljubivoje Ršumović, was also present at the promotion.

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