The 15th issue of “Historical Notebooks” has been promoted

4. April 2015.

Borivoje Milosevic

In the reading room of the Andrič Institute in Andrićgrad has been promoted the 15th issue of “Historical Notebooks”, in which are published the most important documents concerning the First World War.

The central theme of this issue, which contains eight chapters on 44 pages, is “How the European empires went to war in 1914” which was prepared by Professor Miroslav Perišić.

Promoting a new issue, a historian, Borivoje Milošević says that they can be proud of continuity in publishing of “Historical Notebooks”, and the fact that this is the only historical magazine in this area that deals with the First World War and the participation of the Serbs in this conflict.

Milošević points out that the title of the work is a kind of pre-history of the First World War, it studies the period of the European continent in 1914 and in years preceding the First World War, formation of alliances of great powers and how these forces armed themsleves.

He addes that Professor Perišić especially emphasises the question of German and Austro-Hungarian penetration in the Southeast Europe.

In this issue we have published a continuation of the work, of the previous issue, written by Maša Miloradović, which is entitled “London `Times` on Serbia in 1915”.

“When we say `Times`, for the public that is enough to understand which kind of magazine is that, which then, and also as now, had a great significance. These are very valuable historical sources, that descirbed Serbia in the summer and autumn of 1915. It has been one of the most painful years in recent Serbian history, when the First World War began,” says Milošević.

In the 15th issue of “Historical Notebooks” are published texts “British Naval Mission in Serbia in 1915” by Branko Bogdanović, “The Requisition with the Orthodox Churches in Bosnia and Herzegovina During the First World War” by Borivoje Milošević, “Bosanski Petrovac in the First World War ” by Boško Branković and “Vidovdan’s ( St. VItus ) Thriller and Contemporary Historiography” by Goran Miloradović.

“In the notebooks are parts of a documentary `War for Serbian Civilization`, conversations between Miroslav Lazanski and a Professor Miroslav Perišić and readers can read that in the March issue of notebooks,” says Milošević.

He said that the “Historical Notebooks” in the following period in its content will deal with interesting moments concerning the First World War, expecially about the participation and role of the Serbs.

Chief Editor of “Historical Notebooks”, director Emir Kusturica, previously have announced that this magazine will be published by the end of 2018 and in them will be included all significant documents, articles and papers related to the Great War, including the texts that are thematically mostly directly linked with it.


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