A new issue of “Historical Notebooks” has been promoted

8. February 2015.

Istorijske sveske 13

Today, in the Andrić Institute has been promoted a new issue of “Historical Notebooks”.

With the thirteenth issue of “Historical Notebooks”, which contains six annexes on 48 pages, the Andrić Institute has continued with the publication of popular science magazine that attracts a great attention of professional and general public. In 2015 in “Historical Notebooks” will mostly be published works on themes from the history of the First World War, but occasionally will be opened and certain topics that do not fit in thematic complex history of the First World War.

The central theme of this issue is “Prisoners of war in 1914” in which was published 19 documents. In addition to the documents that testify about the fate of prisoners in Russia, Austria-Hungary and Serbia, special attention is drawn to the information contained in the report on the outcome of the Battle of Kolubara and the number of captured Austro-Hungarian officers and soldiers as well as on the number of weapons seized. The editors of the manuscript, “Prisoners of war 1914” are historians Miroslav Perišić and Aleksandar Marković.

In addition to the above documents in this issue of “Historical Notebooks” are published three contributions: “Russian mine and torpedo naval unit in Serbia 1914-1915″ by Branko Bogdanović, “Attempts to create Serbian Chetnik unit of the Russian Imperial Army in the First World War,” by Jaroslav Višnjakov , a Russian historian from Moscow, and the text “Birth of ideas od Slovenian community in Russia”, by Alexei Timofejev.

In this issue of “Historical Notebooks” two items are dedicated to the visits of movie directors Cuarón, Tavernier and Nikita Mikhalkov to Andrićgrad, where they host, Emir Kusturica, familiarized them with the idea of Andrićgrad and the Andrić Institute.

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