Promotion of Collection of papers “Njegoš in Andrićgrad”

16. May 2014.

Njegos u Andricgradu-prva knjiga

Today in Andrićgrad was presented Collection of papers ”Njegoš in Andrićgrad,” prepared by the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute.

It is about ten scientific papers that have been the subject of interest of the conference, which, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Petar II Petrović Njegoš was held in Andrićgrad from the 16th to the 18th of December last year.

Editor of the Collection of papers, Mladenko Sadžak, at the promotion emphasized on the tasks for the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute. One of the tasks would be dealing with issues of studying Serbian language and culture through the projects “Ivo Andrić and Serbian literature of the 20th century”, and “Serbian literary tradition in Republic of Srpska” and ”Art and spirituality “.

He pointed out that these projects will be implemented through symposiums, seminars, scientific conferences and promotion and announced that the next week in the Andrić Institute will be held a symposium on Branko Ćopić.

Njegos u Andricgradu-prva knjiga

Professor Duško Pevulja reminded that this promotion was the third act of the story about Njegoš in Andrićgrad, pointing out that the first was erecting a monument to the greatest Serbian poet, and other one was organizing the conference about him in the town made of stone.

“The contributors of this Collection of papers are distinguished scholars from Niš, Belgrade, East Sarajevo and Banja Luka. In their works they emphasized complexity and vividness of Njegoš’s philosophical thought,” said Pevulja.

Pevulja suggested that in these works at the foremost place was Njegoš’s “The Mountain Wreath”, especially female characters in it, the character of hegumen Stefan and the story of the first translations of the great writer to the Russian language.

Zoran Arsović from Banja Luka said that Njegoš teaches people how to relate to their own history.

“Njegoš is the seer, he sees the light in the blackest darkness, his thought is the vow. In the Serbian language we stagger, which is a sign that we disperse, ” concluded Arsović.

Promotion of the Collection of papers “Njegoš in Andrićgrad” was attended by the famous Serbian film director, Emir Kusturica.


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