3. July 2017.


During the accompanying program of the Book Fair at the Andrić Institute, the Foundation “Dositej Obradović” and its publishing activity was presented.

The director of the Foundation “Dositej Obradović”, Mirjana Dragaš, talked about the work and the importance of the institution itself: “During the starting the Foundation, the initial idea was to create an institution of importance for the Serbian heritage and culture and that it be visited by everyone. Since 2004, the Foundation exists with its headquarter in Belgrade with the aim of trying to transfer messages from Dositej’s name to younger generations.”


The work of the Foundation focuses on working with children and students, and the intention is to bring the character and work of Dositej Obradović through various programs, competitions and competitions to the young. During the years of its existence, the Foundation has established the “Dositej Obradović” Award, which is being sponsored by the Ministry of Culture every year at the Book Fair in Belgrade for foreign publishers promoting Serbian literature and Serbian authors, and in addition there is the “Dositej Obradović” Prize for Lifetime Achievement .

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, prof. Dr. Dušan Ivanić, spoke about the character and work of Dositej Obradović and said: “As far as Ivo Andrić is our contemporary great writer, Dositej Obradovic is the first writer of new Serbian literature who began to infiltrate the world, which his contemporaries began to translate into Romanian, in Bulgarian, in German. Not only learned people and readers from Serbia, but also other peoples in the surrounding, recognized Dositej Obradovic as their writer. He did not just write well, but he talked well. The work of Dositej is a continuous, open letter to the Serbian people, from the first “Letter to Haralampije”, that we are not talking about the “Bukvica”, which were created in his first phase of writing and they were written by hand, and there can be many messages. Dositej with the book was talking, propagating and recommending, calling for support and asking of contemporary European writers for translation. He had confidence in the book as a means of eternity, such as that Horace’s monument was keeping us from wasting our lives. He saw the book as a means beyond the short-sightedness of life and kept its author in the memory of the community. He is the first to create a cult of the author, cult of the author, as a new type of national hero.”


Prof. Dr Ivanić singled out some of the editions of the Foundation, among which: “To Serbian People or to Think Freely” (arr. Dušan Ivanic), “Collection of works of Dositej Obradović”, collections from several scientific symposiums of international rank, which gathered European Slavists from Germany, Italy, Romania.

The director of the Foundation “Dositej Obradović”, Mirjana Dragaš, outlined several other titles: “In Dositej’s Circle Persida Lazarević de Giacomo”, “Why to Read Dositej” by Dušan Ivanić, “Serbs in Leipzig” (by Dušan Ivanić), “Annual Dositej’s Garden”, which has been published for four years and collects the works of young creators on the occasion of Dositej and about Dositej.

At the end of the promotion, representatives the Foundation “Dositej Obradović” expressed hope that cooperation with the Andrić Institute and Book Fair in Andrićgrad will continue in the future.

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