3. July 2017.


The fifth day of the Book Fair in Andrićgrad has been concluded with the promotion of the edition of the Andrić Institute, one of the co-organizers of the Fair. About the work on the monographic and serial publications of the Institute talked prof. Dr Aleksandra Vraneš, Head of the Department of Literature, Miroslav Perišić, PhD, Head of the Department of History, and prof. Dr. Ljiljana Marković, Head of the Department of Oriental Studies.

At the very beginning of the promotion, prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš introduced present participants to the work of the Andrić Institute. “In the Andrić Institute, whose goal is to develop Serbian science and culture, setting it always in a broadly comparative context, four departments, for history, for film and media, for orientalism and literature, and each of them, are working together in a conscientious and responsible manner and and with them and also to us always an open library.” Prof. Vraneš then presented the phototype edition of the magazine “Ideas”, the scientific journal “Lik” (Literature and Culture), the collection of works “Railway, literature and film” and the book “Recognition” by prof. Dr. Saša Knežević.

Dr. Miroslav Perišić presented the scientific journal “Centuries” and the serial publication “Historical Notebooks”, that published once a month, stressing that the editorial policy of this journal is such that it allows for a wider framework of research, from different aspects. Promotion of another edition of the Department of History, “Serbian Orthodox Church and Priesthood in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the First World War” by the author doc. Dr. Borivoje Milošević was held earlier today. Dr Perišić reminded that next year marks the centenary of the end of the First World War and announced a comprehensive program on the occasion.

The work of the Department of Oriental Studies in the previous period was presented by prof. Markovic, pointing out that the Department has held two significant scientific conferences: with the Consortium of Turkish Universities and the World Association of Japanese Professors. The conference of professors of the Japanese studies dealt with various topics, and the results of the research were published in the Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Japanese Language Teaching 2016, Vol. 29, which was promoted on this occasion.

The promotion has been emphasized the cooperation of all the departments at the Andrić Institute and announced the work on joint projects in the future.

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