7. July 2017.


As a part of the Book Fair was held the promotion of Anđelko Anušić’s book, “Voices from the Border”. Dejan Kerlet addressed the participants on behalf of the Institute for textbooks and teaching resources in East Sarajevo, pointing out that the author was the winner of the Golden Owl Award for 2016 and the Foundation “Branko Ćopić” for 2017.

President of the jury of the Golden Owl Award, prof. Dr. Sanja Macura, explained the decision of the jury to award Anđelko Anušić. “Anđelko Anušić is an affiliated writer who has been working for decades. What he leaves to the corpus of Serbian literature is not that it is not negligible, but extremely valuable. A small number of writers who, with such knowledge of the story, write from the inside about the history of the people living in the marginal areas, which in this case we call the ultimate border, or stories from the border. Votes from the border are the sublimation of all those novels that the author wrote earlier,” said prof. Macura.


MA Nina Govedar emphasized the importance of the language in this novel: “Considering this post-classical time when literature greatly changes its shape, structure and purpose of its existence and writing, such a written word really reflects you when you are a lover of a good book and a good novel. At a time when we are increasingly confronted with ruined narratives, with constant virtualization, attempts to summarize and put everything into jargon, vulgarize our attitudes and the way we express ourselves and the way we live, meeting this kind of storytelling is really refreshing.”

Anđelko Anđušić read the selected parts of the novel and thus brought closer “Voices from the Border” to the audience.

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