7. July 2017.


In the library of the Andrić Institute, has been a promotion of Saša Knežević’s book, its publisher is the Andrić Institute. About the book talked prof. Dr. Sanja Macura, Dr Dragana Bedov and the author.

The book “Recognition” is a summary of the results of the author’s long-term research on Njegoš, Andrić and Ćopić, which binds the spiritual vertical from which new literary generations emerged.


The book of the symbolic title, “Recognition”, is divided into three major parts dedicated to Njegoš, Andrić and Ćopić. In a total of eleven experiments on three Serbian writers, the key to oral folk literature is the key to Knežević’s interpretation of individual works by Njegoš, Andrić and Ćopić, viewed through the relationship of the writers to what we call a Serbian written and oral cultural pattern.


The book itself best explains the author’s words from the preface: “Clearly grounded in the Serbian language and its best outcome, folk song and story, Njegoš, Andrić and Ćopić are genealogical followers of the tradition of oral singers and narrators. They are the best proof that Serbian literature – oral and written – make the generative whole, which sprouted and derived from the same seed, no matter on which soil grew and on which branch was grafted. Therefore, it can rightfully be noted that Njegoš was not a simple outlet of the epic tradition, but its most ripe fruit, nor Andrić was immersed in the folk tradition, since he had never left it, the same as the folk tradition did not create Ćopić, because he was always a part of it.”

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