A book “Serbia” has been promoted

21. March 2015.

Promovisana knjiga Serbia

At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad today was promoted the book “Serbia”, edited by Sanja Ćosić, Novo Tomić and Ratomir Damjanović.

Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, Jovan Pejčić, said that this book first appeared in 1995.

“It is about a book that brings together what the foreign authors have written about the Serbs and the Serbian state from the 19th century to the present. The book is comprehensive and includes three thematic sections. One of the Serbian people, Serbian land and the third of the Serbian spirituality,” said Pejčić.

He said that there were represented mainly important names from the world of culture and literature, who knew Serbian history up close and who in their texts wanted to depict the character of the Serbian man in historical perspective.

A journalist and the editor, Novo Tomić said that for 20 years he has been working on this and that there is as much work as has been done, because these topics are inexhaustible sea.

Promovisana knjiga Serbia

“We have finished the seventh edition. It has been written dozens of articles about the Serbs and the Serbian country and Serbian people. This is a vast field for research,” said Tomić.

One of the editors, Ratomir Damjanovič, said that the book includes 350 authors and about 500 texts, and it was published in two volumes.

“It covers all our historical periods, from Nemanjići up to the present day. There is indeed a lot of topics, most travelogues. The book has new 400 pages of and a new chapter that includes texts that has been created from 1999 until today” said Damjanović.

He said that the book “Serbia” were more necessary for us than the world, though the world wrote this book and “it is their endowment.”

“They write about our spiritual themes, preoccupations, history, and they all emphasize that it is about a culture of resistance against large powerful forces. We need this book to see that we have our own deep roots, that our spirituality is rooted in our being and that we should not allow for the spirit of self-denial to prevail but it should prevail what we truly are and what we will be in the future,” concluded Damjanović.


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