A famous tennis player, Novak Đoković, visited Andrićgrad

30. January 2014.

Zlatink i ključ za Novaka Djokovića


Today Andrićgrad was visited by a famous tennis player Novak Đoković, along with the members of his family, his mother Dijana and his girlfriend Jelena Ristić.

Although the visit of the most famous Serbian sportsmen, Novak, was not announced, he came from Mećavnik together with a movie director, Emir Kusturica and was welcomed in Adrićgrad by hundreds of people from Višegrad and other places.

Kusturica and Đoković went together down the main street, Young Bosnia, and then they visited the bookstore “Either-or” and the monument of Ivo Andric at Nikola Tesla Square. They stopped for a while by the monument of Peter II Petrović Njegoš on the square of the same name as the monument. After that they also visited a church of St. Lazar, where a priest Sredoje Andrić gave Đoković a gift, an Icon of Saint Mary.

In The Andrić Institute Kusturica gave to Đoković a gold coin and the key of Andrićgrad, and a model of the bridge on the Drina, work of a pensioner and a wood carver, Tomislav Nešković. Then Kusturica and Đoković watched a sequence of Kusturica’s latest movie, “On the Milky Road”, which was still shooting with Monica Bellucci in the lead role. After that they went on two-hour boat cruise on the Drina with Kusturica’s boat named “Lotika”.

In a short statement to reporters Novak Djoković did not hide his admiration for Andrićgrad, emphasizing the importance and function of the Andrić Institute, and the fact that in this particular complex a special place had the two greatest Serbs, Njegoš and Andrić.

“I would love to somehow be a part of the Andrić Institute, which is without doubt one of the most important institutions dedicated to the history of the Serbs,” said Djokovic.

Kusturica compared Đoković’s triumph at Wimbledon with Tesla’s alternating current and Đoković explained that what Kustruca meant was that we all had an obligation, each of us in their own domain, to give our best, just like Tesla did.

Novak Djokovic said the he would be in some way involved in the realization of this important project, which was in progress in Višegrad, on the confluence of the Drina and the Rzav.

Slavko Heleta

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