Approval of the nomination of Kusturica as a director

18. March 2015.

Andrićev institut cover

The Government of Serbia gave its consent to the nomination of Emir Kusturica as a director of the Public Institution the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad.

Kusturica at this place was in December appointed by the Government of Republic of Srpska and the Government of Serbia made decision in accordance with the Agreement on the establishment of special parallel relations between Serbia and Republic of Srpska on the establishment of the Andrić Institute, reports “Večernje novosti”.

The Andrić Institute was opened on Vidovdan (St. Vitus Day), June 28, 2013 in Andrićgrad. The institute acts as an elite institute of social sciences, arts and literature.

Within the Institute, there are departments of history, literature, oriental studies, film and media.

The International Scientific Committee of the Department of History of the Andrič Institute was established on December 1, 2014, when it was defined program for celebrating 100 years since the beginning of the First World War.

The Scientific Committee has defined the themes and contents of the following issues of “Historical Notebooks” that are issued every month, and reached a decision on the establishment of an international scientific historical magazine.

All issues of “Historical Notebooks” are in electronic form and can be found on the website of the Andrić Institute.


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