Summer school “Academy Andrić” has finished

21. September 2016.


Organized by the Department of Literature and the Department of Oriental Sciences of the Andric Institute in Andrićgrad, the Summer school “AcademyAndrić”, which attended students from Republic of Srpska and Serbia, has been finished

The theme of this year’s school is “Culture of Remembrance”, and the students prepared a presentation concerning literature, film or documentary production.

Professor Milivoj Nenin from the University of Novi Sad said that for three years he has been participating in this academy.

“There were various lectures, and this year I talked about the forgotten`Nedeljnik`, which was edited by Miloš Crnjanski” added Nenin.

He pointed out that it is very important to maintain these summer schools since students come from different sides and have the opportunity to meet colleagues and teachers and learn something new.

A student of Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Predrag Jelenković said that the lectures at this school were very good, and altogether experience was positive.

“The theme of this school is interesting, because I study the Turkish language and literature. At the lecture I spoke about Mehmed pasha Sokolović, because that connected me with the culture of remembrance,” added Jelenković.

He stressed that in this school is perfect cooperation with professors and colleagues who have different topics in classes.

Jelenković said that Andrićgrad connects multiple cultures and nations and that it is a place where everybody is welcome.

The students, besides lectures by eminent professors from the universities in Republic of Srpska and Serbia had the opportunity to participate in discussion forums to exchange their experiences in research, and to enjoy film screenings, sightseeing of Andrićgrad and Višegrad and other activities.

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